What is AquaGold


Clients and Celebrities alike are loving the new "Celebrity Approved Super Facial", leaving them with dewy glowing results, softening of the fine lines around the eyes, lips, cheeks and neck, and with NO DOWNTIME!!

AquaGold Booster treatments renew skin health with super fine hollow 24-karat gold needles by delivering a specific blend of products that hydrate the skin, reduce poor size, and smooth fine lines for a fresh and glowing appearance. We do this by using small amounts of  Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Defyne, along with peptides, pure vitamin C, and skin lightening products. 

MicroBotox helps to shrink the size of the pores and assists in softening fine lines and wrinkles, while the water-loving Hylauronic Acid filler,  gives your skin a porcelain glow. These, with other minor ingredients, makes it a unique cocktail, based on each client's skins' needs. 

Results usually take effect starting at two days post treatment and continue to improve for the three weeks following the treatment. Typically, results last 3-4 months, and improve with sequential treatments. We recommend the AquaGold Treatment done once every three  months and a three treatment plan for the best results. 

Check out this informative YouTube Video to learn More about the AquaGold and call to make your appointment today!